Sitting here while Lauren is watching Bachelor in Paradise, and I couldn’t be any less interested.  I haven’t had much time to post in the past month (things have been a bit hectic,) but I’m working on it!

As we mentioned, it’s been three amazing years since Lauren and I tied the knot.  I can’t believe how quickly life moves.  To celebrate our anniversary, we booked a night in Atlantic City.  With the help of some generous grandmoms (my mom treated on the room, and Lauren’s mom agreed to babysit,) we were able to have a proper date night.  On the drive down, we realized that it was actually our first full night out without Luca!  We both had nights out separately, but we never went out overnight together with a sitter watching him.

Tom and Lauren in AC

Here’s what I learned:

1. It’s hard not to worry.  I wasn’t worried worried, like something awful was going to happen.  I knew that Luca was in good hands with his Grammi Tammi, but I just hoped he didn’t throw a tantrum, give her a hard time going to bed, or refuse to eat.

2. It’s easy not to worry…after a couple glasses of champagne, and a few mojitos. :)  While out to dinner, we received a text around 8PM that Luca was sleeping and that really eased what little anxiety we had.

3. We can’t drink like we used to.  I know everyone says it, but the cliche is true.  You think you can drink like you used to, and then you quickly wake up remembering your age.  It’s painful.

4. We finally hit that age where getting carded is a compliment, not an insult.

5. The “old” songs that the cover band is playing – the ones that the younger crowd doesn’t recognize… yeah, we remember when they first hit the radio.

It was an interesting trip, and we had a lot of fun throughout the weekend with our friends, moms, and sisters.  Hopefully we won’t wait another full year to have another night to ourselves!

If I’ve learned one thing about myself in this past year of being a mom, it’s that I get terrible anxiety over any big changes.

As I’ve complained about before on the blog, for whatever reason, babies don’t come with owner’s manuals and every big decision is up to the parents.  And, as a person who doesn’t like making decisions about where to go out to dinner (let alone something as important as my offspring), this tends to stress me out.

I remember leaving the hospital being scared out of my mind because no one explained… uh, anything to us.  So we learned as we went, and I’m happy to report that we’ve done okay so far.  But still, the big changes scared me.  The changes all seem to be the major transitions we’ve hit so far- to the crib, out of the swing, to solids, and now to milk.


(the era of swing naps)


(…and the era of dad naps)


(the extremely short era of rock and play naps)


(finally! naps in his crib)

Say moo

Now that Luca is a year old (!!!), I’m trying to transition from breast feeding to milk.  I’ve talked to lots of friends and read many books and blogs about this transition, but it doesn’t matter, because every baby is different and blahblahblah. (Side note- I had originally wanted to extend breast feeding to two years, but for various personal reasons, I think we are both ready to be done.)

I introduced whole milk from a local dairy last week.  Luca didn’t take more than a sip or two for a few days, and then my lactation consultant suggested I mix the cow’s milk with my breast milk.  Luca definitely enjoyed when I did this; unfortunately, his stomach did not. Poor guy was all torn up from the milk. I tried lactose-free milk with the same results.  I was pretty surprised by this, since Luca’s been eating yogurt for months.  Our pediatrician recommended that I wait two weeks and try to introduce the milk again.

It could be a whole string of reasons why this is happening, but the whole situation has me a bit frustrated and worried.  There’s no one right answer or time to make this transition- and even if I’m nervous of the process, I know it has to happen at one point or another.  And I know this, like all the big transitions we’ve made in the past, will come and go. This time right now is temporary, and I just know I will look back on this moment longing for such a seemingly easy decision!


P.S. If you’re the praying type, my 93 year-old grandpa could use a few. Thank you!

For a birthday!

Happy birthday, Luca!!

Luca has been the greatest gift either of us has ever received. We couldn’t be happier to celebrate our son’s first birthday today.


I posted these on Facebook but wanted to also include them here, as I just love these two photos so much.



Here’s a couple of shots from our cake smash session this past weekend:




Where does the time go?

Today is our three-year wedding anniversary, and Thursday is Luca’s first birthday. WHAT?!

When I really think about it, I get very emotional about those two facts.  First off, our wedding feels like it was much longer than three years ago, and I do mean that in a good way.  A lot has happened to us since we exchanged vows, which I think makes the time feel like it’s going by even faster.  Without getting too mushy, I am more in love with my husband today than I was the day I married him – and I think that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

This {was} the {first} best day of my li-i-i-i-i-fe….