I actually considered not posting this, since Luca turned 11 months 10 days ago, but better late then never. So sorry for the lull in our blog- we’ve been a little busy and preoccupied- expect a nice, long update from us soon!

In the meantime, here’s our little one being not so little anymore.  He’s trying to stand by himself, but I still say we have awhile to go before he’s walking.  He just cut his 7th tooth as well, so we’re patiently waiting for number 8!



Lately, Luca has been going through some major changes. It seems like with each passing day he is mastering a new skill.  This has been my favorite phase with him so far, and I thought I’d share some of my favorite things!2014-06-23 19.02.03

He talks

Luca talks all. day. long. I love it! It is mostly just babble, but he is picking up some words- and even more exciting, he has started to associated the words with their meaning.  His words so far are: momma, dad, hi, bye, and nana (banana). He is also on the verge of saying other words, like ‘love you’, ‘night night’, ball, and more. He is also able to sign ‘more’ and ‘all done’ at meal times (well, his versions of those signs).

He walks (sort of)

No, he’s not taking steps yet- but he’s getting closer.  He climbs up on everything and cruises around all of our furniture. He has taken a few steps with a push walker and while holding my hands.  He’s showing us that he’s moving towards steps though, and he let go and balanced for a few seconds on his own.  I don’t know that he will be walking by his first birthday, but I do think it will come sooner than I am ready!2014-06-28 11.46.25

He mimics

Luca is so aware of life around him, and loves to mimic everything he sees.  When I sneeze, he tries to make a sneezing sound.  When he sees Tom chew his food at dinner, he tries to chew like him (even if he’s not eating anything).  He has learned several “tricks”, too, such as the classics “How big?”, “If you’re happy and you know it”, blowing kisses, and he is also starting to learn his body parts (where’s your hair? your eyes? your toes? etc)


2014-06-27 18.57.42
It seems like Luca is learning and mastering new things every single day.  I’ve said this a bunch, but this stage we’re at right now is so far my favorite.

Settling down for bedtime and naps can be a challenge – we learned that early on.

Lauren loves to sing to Luca to get him to calm down, and she has a ton of camp songs in her repertoire.  It also helps that she can hold a tune.  I, on the other hand, have a horrible time remembering lyrics, and staying within key.  Despite my best efforts in the earlier days (I’ve made up quite a few wacky originals,) my vocals just couldn’t calm down an over-tired infant. Continue reading

We had a few things in mind for the blog this week- but life never goes how you plan, right?

Luca is sick for basically the first time ever. We had our first scare with a high spiked fever and after hours at the pediatrician last night.  We were told it’s just a virus and should be out of his system by the end of the week.

Please keep him in your thoughts for a speedy recovery! We’ll just be over here, trying to snuggle the fever away.